It’s Time! Donate to Save Our Democracy

The election is on. The real work starts now. We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to fix our broken democracy and stop our country sliding into an authoritarian abyss.

But to do that we need to make democracy a ‘doorstep issue’. And we need to elect MPs that are committed to democratic reform or we’ll never get the change we need.

If we fail, our democracy will continue to decay and our country could end up being run by people like Nigel Farage and Liz Truss. We can’t let that happen.


  1. Fight for Proportional Representation (PR): This must be the last election ever held under First Past The Post. PR is a crucial first step to fixing our democracy.

  2. Make democratic reform a public priority: We all know our political system is broken. MPs can’t be allowed to ignore us anymore.

  3. Grow the movement: Size matters. The larger our movement, the louder our voice, the more pressure we can exert and the more chance we have of winning.

Donate today! Every penny of your donation will add power to our campaign.