Open Britain's democracy manifesto

Democracy experts are concerned that there isn’t going to be a sufficient commitment to the democratic revival we desperately need from any major political party. 

That’s why Open Britain has put together a new mini-manifesto for democracy, streamlined from the Functional Democracy Goals report we published late last year.

These are five simple yet essential changes that the next government can make to protect us from the rising tide of the far-right:

  • Proportional Representation

    First-Past-The-Post system fails to reflect the true diversity of public opinion. Proportional Representation ensures that every vote counts and that our Parliament genuinely represents the electorate.

  • Removing dark money

    The pervasive influence of untraceable political donations undermines public trust. We need stringent transparency and accountability measures to cleanse our political system of this corrupting force.

  • Protecting civil liberties

    Recent years have seen increasing threats to our fundamental freedoms. A renewed commitment to human rights standards is essential to safeguard these liberties. The UK cannot leave the ECHR.

  • Media Reform

    Our media landscape must be reformed to serve the public interest, not just corporate or political agendas. An informed electorate is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy.

  • Votes at 16

    Lowering the voting age to 16 will engage a new generation of citizens and ensure that our democracy is vibrant and inclusive into the future.

Click here to read the full mini-manifesto:

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