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Defending, Strengthening and renewing our democracy

Democracy 2030

UK Democracy Goals report

Westminster is growing increasingly detached from the realities of most people’s lives and trust in politics has never been lower.

Common-sense policies like protecting our environment, tackling the cost of living crisis, and maintaining key public services are near universally accepted. But not by this government.

Without fixing our democracy, we won’t get the parliament we deserve. Without fixing our democracy, we cannot get the change we desperately need.

Who we are

Open Britain is a grassroots movement, hundreds of thousands strong, fighting to make democracy work for everyone.

We are tired of waiting for our politicians to come up with solutions to our country’s fundamental issues. We are working to stop the rot by fixing our democracy, taking power away from the unrepresentative minority forcing us towards a future we do not want and putting it back in the hands of ordinary people as the first step in getting this country back on track.

What’s your top priority once we have a democracy that works properly?

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